It’s Not Just Bourbon: Kentucky Has Vineyards

Kentucky is known for its Bourbon. Surely the Northern Kentucky payroll folks wouldn’t mind making a slug. What few people know is that wineries abound in Kentucky. Certainly Northern Kentucky tax planning folks wouldn’t mind drinking Maggie Adams Blush, or Colonel’s Ridge Cabernet Sauvignon, or maybe a good Elk Creek Merlot or Elk Creek Petite Syrah. Or maybe a good […]

How to buy online

Step 1. Meal plan The first step is to plan your meals. I recommend doing it for the next two weeks to pay less shipping costs. When planning meals, you can use the sites I have suggested above. It’s easy to search these sites for the specific recipes you are looking for. Remember to think healthy when planning them and […]

Conducting Due Diligence When Buying a Liquor Store

The due diligence process goes beyond a simple assessment of submitted finances. You need to be able to access all files and records, review information, and research staff while reviewing what they tell you. It is recommended that you allow at least four weeks for this process and do not be tempted to rush into judgment. Some issues may only […]

Indoor games for teens

There are plenty of indoor games for teens that should make after-school and study hours easier for your kids. Some of the indoor activities that should bring more fun, challenges, and great hours for your teens are as follows: Console games Console games have become very popular since the last decade. It’s surprising how many console vendors made it to […]

Is it worth investing in Law School?

Does Michigan’s economy really need six law schools that inject more than a thousand recent graduates into the service sector each year? Unlike many job applicants, most new attorneys are heavily in debt; some carry more than $ 100,000 in student loans. This can quickly lead to despair. The economy is still hurting in several key sectors here in Michigan. […]

How To Choose The Right Cabinet Hardware

If you want to change the aesthetics of your bathroom or kitchen, you can simply change the cabinet hardware. The reason is that this approach is much easier, faster and more profitable. In this article, we are going to share with you a couple of simple tips to help you choose the right cabinet hardware. This will help you decide […]