Pet Adoptions: Get a Great Dog or Cat and You’ll Be Saving a Life at the Same Time

Pet adoptions are a wonderful thing. Whether you’re planning to adopt a dog, cat, rabbit, or other animal, you’ll get a great pet and, in many cases, save a life, too. Looking for a pet to adopt is always exciting, but there are a few things to keep in mind and make sure you’re prepared before bringing a new pet home.

When it comes to pet adoption, you have a few options: You can go to your local animal shelter or humane society; visit your nearest rescue group; or answer ads you find online or in your newspaper.

An animal shelter or humane society receives new animals every day. They always have dogs and cats, but sometimes you will also find other animals: rabbits, ferrets and even iguanas.

If you’re looking for a dog or cat, you’ll find all shapes, sizes, and ages at an animal shelter. From 6 week old puppies or kittens to senior dogs and cats. Although mixed breeds are the most common type of animal you’ll encounter, pure breeds show up in shelters more than you might think.

In many cases, these Thoroughbreds are rescued by groups dedicated to their specific breed; there are groups dedicated to all the popular breeds. For example, there are rescue groups for Persian, Siamese, Himalayan and Maine Coon cats. And there are Doberman, German Shepherd, Dalmatian, Cocker Spaniel, and Yorkshire Terrier rescue groups. These rescue groups place the dog or cat in a foster home until they can find a permanent home for them. You can go online or check with your local animal shelter for the rescue group closest to you.

The great thing about adopting a pet through an animal shelter or rescue group is that you know exactly what you’re getting. These animals have been examined by a veterinarian, are up to date on their vaccinations, and often come with a complete medical history. Shelters and rescue groups charge a fee, but it is relatively inexpensive compared to the service they provide.

Your other option is to answer ads online or in newspapers. Be sure to use common sense when dealing with people. Always request a medical history of the animal, including veterinary records. And stay away from any foreign pet adoption offers.

Regardless of which method of pet adoption you choose, be sure to choose the healthiest animal you can find. They must have bright and clear eyes. Your eyes, ears, and nose should be free of mucus (wet or dry). Examine their fur and skin for the presence of bald patches or sores. And make sure they walk without a limp.

Remember that you will have other expenses besides the adoption fee. You will also need to invest in pet supplies such as food, dishes, toys, grooming tools, litter box, collar, leash etc.

Are you prepared for the investment of time that a new pet requires? Generally, a dog will require more maintenance and attention than a cat. And if you’re going to be at work all day, you might want to adopt two animals, they’ll keep each other company during the day. But make sure they are compatible. When in doubt, simply choose littermates.

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