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The 1000 hour challenge

I have always been a goal maker. I can’t remember a time after my early formative years when I didn’t intend to stretch out in one or even several areas of my life. However, I would love a smile for every time I fail; for example, the times when I struggled with laziness to get up early in the morning to exercise as a teenager.

And if I consider all my failed goals, I have to be fair to myself and also consider my successes; and there have been many. I would even suggest that most of the visible and tangible personal growth goals based on carnality I have already achieved, but until recently there was a battle left.

I have struggled my entire adult life to regulate my eating to a consistently disciplined nature. I managed to eat right and exercise self-control ninety percent of the time, but then I had my blowouts, where I would sometimes bite and graze for a day or two, usually on the weekends.

This problem I have long considered as tea final frontier when it comes to carnal desires. I had previously tried probably a hundred times (or maybe more) to gain control over this aspect of my life, all to fail, until now.

This is what I did:

1. Thinking that I needed such a powerful focus on this goal, I planned my next 1,000 hours starting at 7 am on a Monday morning. I created a pocket score sheet with groups of five hours grouped together; there were ten groups of five hours on each line (fifty hours on each line) and twenty lines.

2. I diligently dedicated myself to tracking every five hour delivery on my way to success, even counting my complete percentage measure, celebrating as the hour count and percentage increased.

3. I established some basic and reasonable rules that include some fasting at lunch, the need to eat breakfast, eat fruits and vegetables and exercise every day. I sought to achieve a feeling of semi hunger and maintain it on a daily basis. He was also on the lookout for going on mental autopilot.

4. Then I concentrated on the process, the process and more process; forgetting the result he was looking for, even wanting to delay it.

Then I found out that I learned the following things during the process:

1. My goal-oriented thinking soon changed 180 degrees. I started to really savor every part of the process. I did not hate the trip as I had previously. I didn’t yearn to complete it so I could go back to my old ways. In my thoughts, those old ways were now history, an important part of my past. Yes, last.

2. I considered every 0.1 percent toward the goal as important milestones. Remembering that we slept for hours every 24 hour day, some hours were incredibly easy. For every hour ahead of him, there was an open and clear possibility that he would react and respond perfectly, winning that current battle. Achieving momentary perfection of the goals we set for ourselves is very affirmative.

3. The most important lesson I learned was if we really want to achieve something. we must take it into account. It must become the most important thing in our conscious thought pattern.

4. In all the other scoring junctures that I have encountered, the hardest part is keeping your ground, that is, staying focused and on course without compromising your long-term goal. The way I looked to handle this was by adding a second thousand hours, and then a third. So what would end up with a solid 123 days constant history habit. They are four months of doing the same day after day, every hour constantly.

Achieving all of our goals is actually quite a simple process. The word “process” is operative; It’s fundamental. This method worked for me because my mind has always been geared towards math. It might work for you too.

Whatever we do, we must never give up on our dreams and goals. A hundred failures may precede the eventual success of the cackle. You moment of victory!

© 2009 SJ Wickham.

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