The best movies of 2011

It takes effort and wisdom to make a movie. It requires teamwork and cooperation. You need generous doses of creativity and skill. The brilliance and mediocrity of a film is determined by how it fares in such virtues.

Yet each year, only a handful of films earn the honors. This is quite disappointing for Hollywood. Given today’s high standards, it would be natural to expect more brilliance and excellence. As it happens, a lot of time and effort is wasted on complacency. Therefore, we have more movies, where only the stars have fun. However, we can see some movies. These movies were the saving grace for an ordinary 2010.

True Grit – The latest version of Coen Bros is another revisionist version of the western genre. Based on the border adventure of Charles Portis, True Grit is an exciting, masterful, and often hilarious tale of revenge and danger.

The scriptwriters-directors have accurately recreated the era of crime and rivalry on the scene of the Civil War. However, the Coen Bros have also fused clever humor and clever characterization in the proceedings. This yarn is as smooth and flawless as any of the Clint Eastwood and John Ford legends.

127 Hours: British filmmaker Danny Boyle has made another powerful and compelling survival and endurance film after Sunshine. 127 Hours is a tense and poignant tale of Aaron Ralston, who is trapped inside a grand canyon. The backpacker endures a lot of pain and agony from being trapped. Finally, he is forced to make a terrible sacrifice for his freedom.

Boyle combines breathtaking and spectacular locations with a painfully honest and poignant look at Ralston’s struggles and situation. This is a life portrait of resistance, despair and illusions, which take hold of captivity. So it is a must see.

Origin: The director and screenwriter of Dark Knight is back with an equally powerful and uptight animator. Christopher Nolan’s sci-fi thriller showcases his talent for thrills and clever chills. It is also a spectacular and magnificently acted adventure.

This film follows a gang of spies and thieves who penetrate the mind of a business tycoon. The plan is to convince him to dissolve his empire. Nolan stages action and mystery both in global settings and in the twisted world of dreams and thoughts. The tension rises admirably and Nolan ties reality and the rabbit hole with unbelievable and unbelievable precision. Careful.

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