The best tips for traveling with pets

For pet owners, going on vacation means you’ll have to decide how best to care for your pets while you’re gone. Most pet lovers cannot bear to leave a valued family member behind. To put your mind at ease, we’ve compiled a list of great tips to help you travel with your pets.

By plane

If you are traveling by air, check the pet requirements and conditions set forth by the specific airline you are traveling with. I would recommend calling or emailing them if you need any clarification on your conditions.

Overland: Plan for bathroom breaks

If you are driving to your destination, it is important to plan and schedule bathroom stops. To prevent your pet from becoming restless, take advantage of bathroom breaks and let him run.

By land: try the experience

Before you commit to a long journey with your beloved pet, you should have a good understanding of what to expect. Take them for a 2-hour walk to see if they develop dizziness or severe anxiety. This will help you take precautions, if necessary. It will also familiarize them with the conditions and allow them to feel comfortable with them. You can take this a bit further by rewarding them every time they get in the car to create a positive association with it.

By Land: Box for safety

Although the idea of ​​confining your pet sounds terrible, when you are traveling it is a matter of security. Pets that roam freely in a vehicle while you are driving can be distracting and extremely dangerous. Studies have shown that creating pets can also reduce your anxiety during long-distance travel.

Puppy pads, puppy pads, and more puppy pads!

Even if you have an adult, house-trained pet, traveling often can cause them to become disoriented, which can lead to minor accidents. So make sure you have some puppy pads on hand wherever you are.

tag them!

Handling pets in unfamiliar surroundings can be very scary for you and your pet. In case of an emergency, it is very important to have a sturdy collar and a tag with your contact details. If you’re traveling, your usual contact details may not apply, so please remember to update your labels accordingly.

Stock up on necessities.

When you’re on vacation, the last thing you need to worry about is refilling your pet’s prescription, finding his favorite food, or worse, introducing new foods to which he reacts negatively. To avoid this, pack enough food for your entire stay and then some. Don’t rely on buying groceries at your destination. Pack some toys and blankets from home to calm them down during the trip.

Get a vet checkup

Visit the vet for a full checkup before your vacation. If your pet is prone to dizziness or anxiety, your vet will be able to prescribe something appropriate. Take advantage of your visit and consult all the doubts that occur to you.

Find a pet-friendly accommodation

There is often a misconception that hotels and motels will accommodate your pets, however this is not always the case. It is important to check with them before making any payments. Be clear about your pet’s size and requirements to ensure a positive experience for you and your beloved pet. If you have larger pets, you can opt for a vacation home.

Through careful planning, preparation, and these handy tips, you can have an amazing travel experience with your pets, regardless of your destination.

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