Thunderball Results and Winning Numbers


If you’re looking for the latest Thunderball Results and winning numbers, look no further! The National Lottery draws the jackpot at exactly 8pm on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday nights. You can find them live or recorded on the National Lottery website. You can also view the prize breakdown and check out your own results by visiting the official website. If you haven’t played before, you can check out the latest lottery results from previous draws to see if you’ve won the jackpot.

The Thunderball Numbers Results and winning numbers are published on the Thunderball website and on TV shortly after the draw takes place. The Thunderball jackpot is PS111 million. The EuroMillions jackpot is PS600 million. The jackpot for the Thunderball is PS500,000. There’s no minimum purchase for playing Thunderball, and the draw is held every Wednesday and Saturday at 7:45pm. The lottery costs PS2 per play and is broadcast on television every week.

There are simple rules for playing Thunderball. Select five basic numbers (from one to 14) and a Thunderball number (from one to fourteen). The winning numbers must match the ones drawn for the lottery. You can choose the numbers manually or use meaningful ones. The draw is held on Tuesdays, Saturdays, and Wednesdays at 8:15pm. To find out if you’ve won the jackpot, check the Thunderball results and winning numbers. You’ll receive instant access to the results as soon as they are released.

Thunderball Results and Winning Numbers

The results are announced on Wednesday and Saturday evenings and will be aired on television within thirty minutes. The top prize for the Thunderball draw is PS500,000. Ticket holders automatically enter the Millionaire Maker draw with the same winning numbers. This means that those who’ve won the jackpot will be automatically entered into the Millionaire Maker draw, which also offers a second chance to win big cash. The EuroMillions results were: 1, 2, 5, 15, 42, and 36, while the Lucky Star numbers were 5 and 8. The top prize for Thunderball was PS500,000.

The Thunderball is the most popular lottery game in the UK. There’s a PS20 million rollover jackpot on Wednesday and the Thunderball rolls over at 8:15pm on Thursday. For the PS20m rollover jackpot, players must match six main numbers. The lottery results are released seconds after each draw. In the meantime, the National Lottery website is live and you’ll be able to check the latest winning numbers and announcing the draw.

The Thunderball jackpot is worth PS75 million and is played four times a week. The draw will take place on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. The winning numbers for the draw are available below. If you’ve won, you’ll be notified immediately. If you’ve won, your ticket can be sent to the winner. If you’re not the lucky winner, follow the link below to find the Thunderball results and the winners.

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