To give ferrets snacks or not, that is the question

Ferret Snack Donors

For many ferret owners, not giving their ferrets snacks is like depriving their fish of water. It would be crazy. How could any decent human being look at that adorable cute face begging for a cheese scone and say no? They just couldn’t imagine saying no to the excited little faces they love so much.

Ferret Snack Non-Givers

On the other hand, other ferret owners say otherwise. They know that ferrets are carnivores. They couldn’t imagine giving their most prized pet anything but meat. It doesn’t matter how much they beg. They know what is best for their furry friend and would not jeopardize the welfare of your ferret no matter how much they beg.

Who has the reason?

It is difficult to say who is right. After all, as a nation we can’t even agree on snacks for ourselves. Humans really need to snack, but we consume an incredible number of snacks on a yearly basis. Does anyone really need to eat cheese puffs?

However, if you wish to feed your ferret snacks, it is highly recommended to feed your ferret meat snacks. Your ferret is a carnivore and sugary snacks are not good for his health. So avoid sweets and sodas. These will do nothing more than make your cute little furry friend gain weight, get sick, and have diarrhea.

Healthy Snacks for Ferrets

There is now a wide variety of healthy ferret snacks available on the market. You can go to your local pet store and buy commercial ferret snacks or even go online. They come in a wide range of flavors, including turkey and chicken.

You can also buy cat and dog treats as long as they are meat-based. Shaking a box of meat-flavored cat treats has been known to lure even the laziest of ferrets out of hiding.

Ferrets also enjoy freeze-dried organs, but you’ll probably want to buy them online.

For those of you who prefer to go the all-natural route. Ferrets like to eat whole eggs. Boil some eggs and you’ll have a healthy ferret snack that you can buy by the dozen. You can also buy pureed baby food as long as it is meat. Pureed meat and chicken work well.

Other healthy snacks

Remember that ferrets are carnivores. Any snack you give your ferret should be meat. In the wild, ferrets only eat meat. They would not eat any fruit or vegetables. So, don’t give your ferret anything but meat and you’ll be fine.

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