Toyota supra

The Toyota Supra is a legendary sports car that has appeared in action movies like Fast and Furious, as well as racing video games like Gran Turismo. Toyota, the manufacture of the Supra, produced the car between 1,970 and 2,200. Initially, the Supra was the Celica Supra, a larger derivative of the Toyota Celica. In 1980, seven years after its production, the Supra was separated from the Celica to become its own model, simply the “Toyota Supra.”

The style of the Supra is obviously derived from the Celica, and also from the older 2000GT that was produced in the late sixties. The front-engined Supra had its own logo that has changed over the years. Initially, the logo was similar to that of the Celica, but now it is very sporty, aggressive and distinctive, reflecting the characteristics of the car. There have been numerous rumors in recent years about the possible revival of the Supra with the introduction of a Mark V. Many online and print publications indicated that the car would launch in 2008, but Toyota said this was not true.
The last generation before the car was discontinued in two thousand two was the Supra MK 4. Full production of the MK 4 began in nineteen ninety-three, the car being much more refined compared to previous generations and higher performance. . The car body was much more rounded than previous variations and the engines were changed. The Japan-based model had an engine that was capable of over two hundred and seventy horsepower. This Japanese model could also hit zero to sixty miles per hour in half four seconds.

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