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What makes Mallorca a great tourist destination at the end of winter?

Mallorca (also known as Mallorca) is an island located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea. This is the largest island of the Balearic Islands and is part of Spain. Most tourists travel to Mallorca to enjoy the sun and beaches during the summer months. However, very few know that there are many other ways to enjoy this paradise on earth during the spring, fall and winter months. This place is less crowded during these seasons and the whole family can enjoy many outdoor activities during the low season.

Let’s see some of the activities you can do during the winter months in Mallorca-

1) Serra de Tramuntana- This is a world heritage site declared by UNESCO in 2011. So if you are a nature lover, spend a few days exploring this mountain range on foot or by bike. There are extraordinary techniques that are used to develop agriculture in this area on its steep slopes and the uniqueness of these techniques that have been developed over the centuries has earned it this prestigious position for this site.

You can also choose to enjoy the snow that falls during winters in this mountain range.

2) Sóller by old train Another interesting thing to do during winters in Mallorca is to take a wooden train from Palma to the beautiful city of Sóller. This train trip through the Sierra de Tramuntana is so picturesque that you won’t feel like going back to your city. The path is surrounded by orange and lemon groves. There are also pine and olive groves scattered throughout this line. After arriving in Sóller, take a walk through the local market and buy some fresh fruits and vegetables. Enjoy local cuisine and spend a relaxing afternoon enjoying the Art Nouveau houses scattered across the country.

3) Binissalem- If you are a wine connoisseur, you should not miss the trip to this small town. The Manto Negro and Callet grape varieties are used for the fermentation of red wines and Moll for white wines. There are quite a few famous wineries like Vins Nadal, Macià Batle and Son Prim that you can visit in your spare time. The oldest of them is José L. Ferrer. Call the facility before you go on a trip so they can make arrangements for your group.

4) S’Albufera natural park These wetlands are located near Port d’Alcúdia on the northeast coast. There are more than 200 species of birds that can be seen on these 4,200 acres of land. This place is wonderful for bird watching, biking, and walking. To safeguard the sanctity of the site, driving is prohibited in this area. So grab your bikes, cameras, water bottles, and food packs and go on an expedition to spot kestrels, gray herons, and Eleonora’s hawks that are visible at different times of the year.

5) Lluc sanctuary In the middle of the green mountains of the Serra de Tramuntana, the Lluc Sanctuary houses the figure of the Virgin, La Moreneta. This place is considered the spiritual center of Mallorca. This figure was found there in the 13th century and now this figure is adorned with a crown of jewels. The natives respect this place as a pilgrimage and the base of a monastery was laid to give respect to the goddess. The children of the choir sing every morning and night to show respect to the goddess on display in the 17th century Basilica. Taking a walk through the botanical gardens will also be very refreshing and will fill your day with peace and serenity.

There are many other places of interest such as the Alfàbia Gardens or the Cebrera National Park. Many tourists feel that the end of November and the beginning of December is the perfect time to travel to Mallorca. You won’t have to worry about crowds of tourists, hotel travel costs and airline tickets, etc. Even when the temperature drops, it is not very cold in these areas due to the sea coast. Nature in Mallorca is exceptional and the best part of your trip to Mallorca, whether in winter or summer, is renting a car and exploring the breathtaking landscapes of the Balearic Islands. Happy Holidays!

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