Astral parasites

In this article, I will share some observations I made regarding negative entities or negative energies. Over the years, I have had the opportunity to interact with these beings. I came to learn that they are essentially astral parasites. Although I don’t like the word astral, there seems to be no better word to refer to aspects of the multiverse. […]

The top 10 dog breeds and their most common traits

A dog can be man’s best friend or his worst nightmare! Every year the dogs are returned to breeders or turned over to animal rescue centers because the owner just couldn’t cope … True, a dog is for life, and sometimes it can be a handful, but there is a way to ensure you have the best possible relationship with […]

How to clean your windows like a pro

In an exhaustive search of the web, I have come across many articles advising people to clean their windows with vinegar and crumpled newspapers, or Windex and a rag, or other ineffective methods. Many of these techniques will give you poor results and are also quite time consuming and frustrating. Although I am a professional window cleaner, I freely share […]

Top 5 financial mistakes millennials make and how to avoid them

Millennials are certainly the most informed generation. The Internet provides them with the information they need on just about anything, including personal finances and building wealth. However, in addition to being a wealth of information, the Internet can also be quite confusing and conflicting. The information available on the web comes from different people with different opinions. So it’s true […]

Top 10 things to do in the Eastern Cape

Enjoy an adventurous vacation in the Eastern Cape. From evergreen forests to semi-arid regions to the rugged coastline, the Eastern Cape is the most diverse province in South Africa. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing beach vacation, meet the Big Five, or seek a cultural excursion, there will never be a dull moment in the Eastern Cape. Addo Elephant […]

Information on different CDL endorsements

Before passing and completing your CDL test and receiving your license, it is important that you know everything that is offered to you about the process and everything that is offered to you. Obtaining your CDL opens doors to the trucking industry, but there are other doors that are neglected as well, which could turn out to be a career-boosting […]

Ethics or compliance: which is it?

ETHICS AND COMPLIANCE … Two sides of the same coin or different coins? A topic that generated a surprising response with a recent social media post regarding the difference regarding compliance and ethics. Many organizations have compliance officers and ethics officers and they are often the same person, but the two roles are not the same. Compliance officers are typically […]

Hypothyroidism: An Astrological Analysis

A native of Capricorn with Jupiter located in the 10th house in Libra, he developed a thyroid disorder since Jupiter Maha dasa began. He was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and gained a lot of weight with weakness and depression. DOB: 12-20-1981, TIME: 10.00 AM IST, LAT 21N09 LONG 79E09. An analysis: Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the body lacks enough […]

The history of pinball machines

Pinball machines have a complex history. The roots of the modern pinball machines that you use in your local cafĂ© come from games like croquet and billiards, which consist of guiding a ball to a precise location by hitting it with an instrument. However, the true spiritual ancestor of modern pinball machines was the game of Bagatelle. Developed in France […]