Jeep Wrangler – Drive and Control Specifications

The latest Jeep Wrangler model comes with some of the best handling and control features. The need for stability on the road has made it necessary for manufacturers to introduce car models with improved controls. The Jeep Wrangler model that recently hit the market comes with many of these features; here are some of the most important ones. • Enhanced […]

My Top 10 TV MIDI Songs

One thing I like most about the Internet is the sheer volume of free downloadable MIDI music from various locations. Furthermore, the variety of MIDI music available on the web is almost limitless. They range from classical music to pop and rock. Think of any song or music and you are likely to find one lurking somewhere on the web. […]

Shelby Mustangs history

Carroll Shelby built some of America’s great muscle cars, but he was also a legend in American high-performance auto racing. His racing career began in 1952. He started in endurance racing, but quickly moved on to road racing. He won his first race driving an MG. He beat not only other MGs in the race, but the more powerful Jaguars […]

The five best PS3 games for pure fun

GTA IV GTA, while having an impressive story at times, is at its finest when you allow it to be taken for what it is. I spent countless afternoons after a difficult day playing this with my brother to see who could get the most stars without using cheats before the authorities stopped him. Nonsense violence yes, but also tremendously […]

The 1955 Chrysler C-300: The Beautiful Brute

If ever a nickname was appropriate, the only one writer Karl Ludvigsen came up with was perfect when he called the 1955 Chrysler C-300 the “Beautiful Brutes.” This car was truly a brute in both looks and power and it was the car that really started the horsepower race when it came out with the first 300 horsepower engine in […]

Electric cars are here, now where are they headed?

With all the talk about electric cars like the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, the public has been waiting to see how they will compete with other more conventional models. Are consumers really ready to give up their gas powered vehicles for something they have to plug in every night? Surveys have shown that 62% of car buyers are concerned […]

Little known facts about the Corvette Stingray C3

The Corvette Stingray has long been a popular car with people from all walks of life. The iconic shape of a Corvette Stingray can turn heads even today, 30 years after the last Stingray was produced. This article is intended to provide information about the Corvette Stingray to all Corvette fans, whether you already own a Corvette, are considering buying […]