Analysis of the True Meaning of Magnolia

Warning: this article is a review of the movie Magnolia and contains many spoilers. Everyone who has seen the highly praised movie “Magnolia” no doubt left the theater with perhaps a sense of wonder, but probably overwhelming confusion about its ending, especially the scene with the rain of frogs. A key aspect to interpret the true meaning of this film […]

Why can’t roulette be free at live casinos?

The casino is a cesspool of the vice called gambling. This vice is what caused white-collar office workers to lose half a month’s salary in a heartbeat. This is also what made players of low social status rich in the blink of an eye, and then poor again in the blink of an eye. This is also something one can […]

Lobster – A rags to riches story

When the first ships arrived in Plymouth, most of the shellfish was considered unfit for human consumption, due in large part to its resemblance to an insect as it crawled across the ocean floor. Most of the early passengers during the 1600s were from England and other UK countries and were accused of eating beef, lamb and poultry. What they […]

Negotiation – Tactics, Tricks and Threats

Most successful negotiators recognize that the way people involved in negotiations behave does not always reflect their true feelings or intentions. Let’s take a look at the negotiation tactics you can use on or by yourself. Whether you choose to use these tactics or not, it is vital to understand: o Tactical work o They can be worn on you, […]

Buy Truck Parts From US Truck Parts and Sales

Buy Truck Parts If you’re looking to buy truck parts, US Truck Parts and Sales may be an ideal option. This company was founded in 1978 by Vaughn Thompson. His father, EV “Sonny”, had been in the truck parts business for over 15 years. After moving from Corpus Christi, he set up several locations in Texas and finally opened Central […]

The best of Barbados

Barbados is a beautiful island full of history and culture. There are many great cities on the island that have interesting things to see, do and learn. The only way to really experience the island is to rent a car in Barbados. Some of the best places to explore in Barbados are the cities and towns. These little island corners […]

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Seized Car Auctions

Today, if someone drives a fancy car, it doesn’t necessarily mean the person is rich: the luxury vehicle could have been purchased at one of the many regularly held seized car auctions. As the name suggests, seized car auctions offer vehicles that were seized by the government or police due to some illegal activity. In addition to criminals, the cars […]

Kyrenia car rental information and advice

During the hot summers in North Cyprus, one of the most popular destinations is the beautiful port city of Kyrenia, which is easily accessible with your rental car in North Cyprus. Here, in this idyllic setting, the sea breeze combines with the coolness of the nearby mountains to create an ideal summer retreat. Kyrenia Car Hire Driving Rules UK drivers […]

How Ford achieves 80 MPG with its ECOnetic approach

If you ever doubted the ability of engineers to squeeze more mileage out of today’s cars, proof that ultra-high fuel economy can be achieved can be found in Europe. That market is dominated by diesel-powered cars, many of which get at least 50 mpg on the highway, numbers we don’t see in the United States. The US market is a […]