How to train your Boston Terrier in 5 easy steps

Training a dog takes time and patience, but in the case of a Boston Terrier, it is a well-known fact that they are particularly difficult to housebreak. While there is no magic wand to make the process easier, the only tried and true method is consistency. Trying to housebreak your Boston Terrier can be a tough job, but follow these […]

Buy Investment Real Estate Incognito

A frequently promoted “secret” of buying investment real estate with the intention of “trading” the property is, as usual, no secret at all. However, it’s worth checking out here so you don’t end up in a relationship you don’t want. Many real estate investing enthusiasts promote the concept of buying real estate under the name of an organized legal entity […]

Why did my hard drive crash?

As a field service technician, I am often asked “what caused my hard drive to fail?” To add to the confusion, when we think of the word “hard drive” we think: consumer durables like our cars and washing machines that can last a long time. So naturally, something called a hard drive, in our minds, should also last a long […]

Winning is not everything, it is the only thing, myth!

This familiar quote has haunted me throughout all my years as a coach and I suspect I am not alone. In case you’re reading this and have no idea where this quote came from, let me give you a little background. The saying “Winning isn’t everything…it’s the only thing” has been attributed for more than 45 years to the legendary […]

Hill stations and hill towns of India

shimla-Himachal Pradesh 2205m Shimla is a charming sprawling Himalayan hill station with a leisurely pace of life and an interesting past. It is bound to be a true highlight of any trip to India. It was the British summer capital since 1864 and once part of the Kingdom of Nepal, but is now a firm favorite with Indian honeymooners, giving […]

The true story behind the car chase sequence in “The French Connection”

“The only thing we had permits for was shooting on the elevated train,” explained William Friedkin, director of “The French Connection.” He and his producer met with the Head of Public Relations for the New York Transit Authority. They explained what they wanted to do and asked permission to do so. “You guys are crazy,” the official admonished, “I could […]

VoIP throttling with deep packet inspection

Here in the United States, net neutrality has been a hot topic of debate. At the heart of the discussion is the question of whether or not the government has the right to regulate private companies in the public interest. While some have resorted to insulting and terming this “socialism,” the truth is that the government regulates a large number […]

Commercial Property Managers: Tenant Retention Plans Are Beneficial in the Long Run

As part of a comprehensive commercial property management service, you must provide a quality tenant retention program and service. In simple terms, the good tenants of a property should be part of a retention strategy, while the other weak tenants should be part of a replacement strategy. Here are some topics to help you establish a professional tenant retention plan […]

Two easy and tasty Indian sweet dishes

We all love sweet dishes and it is essential to save dessert after our meal. To make a perfect sweet dish, we need to work hard. We don’t even know that we can make the best sweets with the existing ingredients in our kitchen. So, here are two more easy candy recipes using existing ingredients in your kitchen: Kalakand Ingredients: […]

Keratin Treatment Side Effects

Treatment Side Effects Some people are concerned about the possible Keratin Treatment Side Effects. The treatment involves a chemical compound that can have harmful effects. Some common side effects include nose bleeds, sore throat, and irritated eyes. Although keratin is a natural protein found in hair, skin, nails, and hooves, it can also be found in other products. As such, […]