Candida fast food diet style

Although diet and fast food restaurant don’t usually go hand in hand, many fast food outlets offer options for the diner looking for healthier meals. Even a person trying to follow the candida diet can enjoy a quick meal by avoiding sugars and starches and opting for the vegetables and proteins listed on the menu. Of course, in a perfect […]

Abuse and the Eggshell Skull Rule

It suddenly occurred to me, having written “a difference between a victim and a survivor”, that there is a subjectivity as to who can legitimately claim to have been abused. I don’t think it’s a coincidence that I just found out about the eggshell skull rule. It is worth knowing. This is a technical description of the eggshell skull rule: […]

Royal Caribbean International: charm of the seas

The Royal Caribbean Allure of the Seas is truly an amazing cruise ship that aims to captivate guests with world-class services and facilities. This new cruise also features the first Starbucks at sea, the hit Chicago Musical and the ever-creative DreamWorks Experience where her favorite animated characters are on board. If you are looking for a place to dine, it […]

5 myths about money: understand them and dissolve them

Myths about money abound. Unfortunately, like all fables, we unconsciously allow them to influence our behavior. Reflect on these five. In the last three months, how have they affected your spending decisions? Do you see areas you need to change? As you monitor your spending for the next month, ask the Lord to help you make adjustments. Money Myth #1: […]

iPhone app pricing and revenue models

Pricing an iPhone app can be a very strategic process. This article reviews the price points and revenue models commonly used for iPhone apps. $0.99 – $1.99 “Impulse” pricing model About half of the iPhone apps in the Top 100 cost $0.99 and there is a direct reason for this. It’s because this is the price at which users are […]

Financial Crisis 07-08

Financial crises have occurred persistently throughout history since the creation of the first empires and the formation of colonies. His appearances can sometimes be unexpected. However, crises can be controlled from escalating into more threatening and serious situations, such as depressions, by implementing rules and regulations. The global economic crisis of 07-08 arose primarily as a result of a significant […]

Corks can live long after the wine is gone

Being an eco-minded consumer is simply not about the vineyard. It seems the wine industry is banking on consumers wanting and appreciating grapes grown in a prescribed manner that allows for designations such as: sustainable, biodynamic, green, organic, or natural. As if the grapes were not the only component of winemaking under the long arm of the “wine police”, the […]