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3 things to know about video marketing

Videos not only bring your presentations to life, they are also the fastest growing type of media online. If you’re looking to promote or grow your business with Video Marketing, you’re in luck. You will discover in this article 3 tips on how to make use of this visual technique.

For starters, videos do a great job of grabbing the attention of people browsing the web. The truth is, most people are much more likely to get excited about dynamic video content than simple written text. Also, given the fact that most people have short attention spans these days, they would rather watch a video than read an article post.

Tip #1 – Know your audience and create the videos they want

You need to know what your audience wants and then give it to them. This may seem obvious, but many companies are so focused on their products or services that their target audience can get lost in the shuffle. People will have questions they want answers to in your niche, so make it your business to figure out what those are and create videos around them.

Videos can definitely transform your static presentations into more engaging, animated messages that trigger emotion and help communicate on a deeper level than almost any other form of marketing. There is nothing wrong with using video to establish your presence within your market or to define your brand, you just need to know who your target audience is. This brings us to the next tip.

Tip #2 Optimize your videos for search

Do keyword research in your niche. Find out what your audience may be looking for when they do a search engine query, then create catchy, keyword-rich titles for your videos and a keyword-rich description that tells people what the video is about. Be honest though, people don’t want to be disappointed, so don’t say it’s about something when it isn’t. Also, use related keywords in your video tags.

Try adding the word “Video” to your title as well, as this will help you rank on Google and other search engines. Lastly, upload your video to YouTube if you want your video to rank highly in a YouTube search. Do this even if you have your own video hosting. Your video is now ranked and you’re starting to see some traffic, all you need now are some sales!

Tip #3 Monetize your video

So if you want people to buy your product or try a service of yours in a video, you need to attach a link that works. The link must be in the video player. This way, your link will always be available, especially if your video gets shared. You can do this by using a text box on your video. This is a great way to let people know where they can go to find you and your products. If you don’t include the URL, they’ll just watch the video and move on with no way to make a purchase, even if they wanted to.

As you can see, video marketing is one of the best ways to promote your business. Through video marketing, you can reach a whole new audience that will help your business experience growth and success. Keep this article in mind when it’s time to boost your business with video marketing, and be sure to visit my blog for more online marketing tips.

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