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7 traits of a good talker

I spend a lot of time talking about techniques and tactics to get better at talking to girls (actually, talking to anyone). And it’s not just about how to talk to girls…it’s about how to become a more dynamic communicator and fluent conversationalist.

Today I just wanted to give you the 7 traits that truly define a master communicator.

1. They are relaxed, confident, and “in” the person they are talking to.

2. They show presence of mind: a deep sense of themselves as individuals…they are not afraid to be themselves. This is probably the biggest difference between shy introverts and extroverts: they are not afraid to express their opinions and identity.

3. They speak simply and directly to, not the person with whom they are speaking. They are also aware of the other person’s feelings and react accordingly.

4. They have mastery of their material. They know exactly where they are going with everything they say.

5. They love the opportunity to communicate. You can tell just by watching them talk that they really enjoy it. And more importantly, they make the person they’re talking to feel like they really love talking to them at that particular moment.

6. They are not afraid to play and have a good time with what they are talking about. I have mentioned this before when I talked about making a girl laugh. And how being playful makes you seem like a more skilled conversationalist.

7. Long after you forget what they said, you remember how they said it (as I mentioned in the “Small Talk Tactics” report)

Ideally, these qualities are what you strive for more than any tactics or techniques you can learn.

Hope that clarifies a few things…

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