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Escape in South Beach Miami, Florida

Relaxing Vacation in South Beach Florida

Attracting tourists from around the world, there are many reasons why swarms of visitors visit South Beach, Florida, or SoBe, as it is commonly known, each year.

Resorts in South Beach are a perfect base for exploring the unique beaches of Florida, which is ideal for people who love to walk or stroll. Those who love high-end boutique resorts, B&B hotels, and budget hotel options can enjoy an amazing vacation in SoBe with peace of mind.

Finding vacation rentals that fit your budget

There are a host of attractive and affordable vacation rentals in SoBe. From townhomes to villas and apartments, be sure to find a place to stay while appreciating all that Florida has to offer.

The houses and condos are designed primarily for outsiders who enjoy all the comforts of home. With condos and villas ranging from 2 bedrooms to 6 bedrooms, you are sure to find a rental that is comfortable and welcoming, while being large enough to accommodate your entire family or a large group of friends.

Other resorts are perfect for short visits or for business travelers. They are often fully furnished and equipped with everything you may need during your stay. On-site pools, air conditioning, and game rooms are just a few of the amenities you can expect in most South Beach Florida vacation rentals.

Rental agreements are often flexible enough to accommodate visits from one day to several months in length, so be sure to keep an eye out for special offers that may come with longer rentals.

The most popular South Beach hotels are the Loews Beach Hotel located near the conference center, the Palms Hotel & Spa with its wonderful tropical gardens, and the Angler’s Boutique Resort Hotel that once housed the writer Hemmingway.

What to see and do in South Beach, Florida

South Beach is a major Miami neighborhood known for its many entertainment destinations and countless restaurants.

More than 150 clubs, fashion boutiques and hotels make this region very popular with international and American tourists.

Shopping enthusiasts can choose from the many exceptional fashion galleries found on Lincoln Road Malls or in the Art Deco District, which are also filled with cozy little places for a quick coffee.

Anglers and anglers can also enjoy guided Everglades fishing tours by canoe, kayak, or raft. Trips to this region can also be arranged by helicopter!

Clubbing enthusiasts can head to Washington Park, one of South Beach’s most cosmopolitan spots. However, gaining entry can sometimes require several hours of patience and cost up to a hundred dollars. After all, it can be expensive to see celebrities in person!

These are some of the many unique attributes of South Beach Florida that make it an intriguing change of scenery compared to other popular tourist regions in the US.

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