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How to Quit Smoking: Understand Exactly What Your Cravings Are

One of the main obstacles to quitting smoking is dealing with withdrawal cravings. I want to make a bold statement and declare that I don’t believe in these cravings and I’ll tell you why.

Typical cravings reported are feeling grumpy or angry, headaches, lack of concentration, shaky hands, and an empty feeling in the chest and stomach.

I have seen hardcore athletes bow down to these feelings and jump for the nearest cigarette. But, these feelings may not be symptoms of nicotine withdrawal.

It is true that a small percentage of people experience severe nicotine withdrawal discomfort, but the vast majority of smokers, perhaps as many as 97%, do not.

The symptoms they experience are something else entirely, and when the cigarette companies realized this decades ago, they rubbed their hands together with glee, perhaps with an evil laugh attached.

Tobacco has been preserved for a long time in a concentration of approximately 18% sugar. Each puff you take provides a small sugar hit and contributes to artificially elevated blood sugar.

Have you ever seen a child come home from school, hungry after burning all the fuel they consumed at lunch? If you tell them to wait until dinner they go crazy, their behavior is terrible.

But if you give them a snack after school, they calm down. Because? Because your blood sugar is regulated by the snack.

As a smoker, you have been using cigarettes to balance your blood sugar and you didn’t even know you were doing it.

When you quit smoking, you experience a low blood level that is mistaken for nicotine withdrawal. Many people start eating sweet foods in an effort to feel better. The problem is that it works, so the answer is to keep eating.

Once you understand this simple fact, you can take control of your sugar cravings. The hypnosis will take care of all the emotional connections of smoking and the apples will take care of the rest.

Apples help because they deliver the fruit sugar needed to balance blood sugar. The fiber in the apple peel binds to the sugar in the fruit and provides a slow flow of energy into the bloodstream.

Plain apple could be your blood sugar taste and keep you from gaining weight. Hypnosis will make it as easy as possible for you. This simple knowledge will offer you the easiest way to quit smoking for good, without the painful cravings that most people experience.

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