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Ken Patera’s training

For those who are new to weight training / lifting and have no idea who Ken Patera is, here is some background for you.

Patera is a former US Olympic weightlifter and weightlifter who won multiple medals at the Pan American Games (including gold) and finished second at the 1971 World Weightlifting Championships. He was the first American to clean and shake 500 (503 1/2) pounds, which he achieved at the 1972 Senior Nationals in Detroit. He is also the only American to clean and press 500 pounds, and he was arguably the last American to excel in weightlifting internationally.

Patera also competed in the first World’s Strongest Man contest in 1977, finishing third behind Bruce Wilhelm and Bob Young.

Patera went on to have a long career in professional wrestling. Here’s a typical Patera workout. Patera constantly changed her routines, as well as sets and reps. Use your own judgment based on your comfort level.

Ken Patera’s training


Clean and press

Bench press


Notes: Lift 2-3 times per week using whatever set and rep scheme you are comfortable with, except squats. Perform one set of each squat exercise and one set only. Get plenty of rest, eat good food, and drink plenty of water. Remember to lift heavy and with maximum intensity.

Understand that to be successful in any weight training program, hard work is a must! Half effort does nothing for you. If you’re new to weight training or seriously out of shape, see a doctor first. End of disclaimer.

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