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Leba Dog Teeth Cleaner for Better Oral Health

Leba Dog Teeth Dental Cleaner is effective for both dogs and cats. This is a natural way to keep your pet. And because it is natural, you can be sure that it is safe for your pet and anesthesia is not necessary. This is also cost effective for pet owners because there is no need for expensive teeth cleaning procedures that do not accomplish much and also pose serious risks to your pet.

Those who have tried Leba III Teeth Cleaner on their dogs have found satisfactory results. So, if you want to achieve the same with your own dog, here are some helpful tips for using and managing it correctly to your dog. If you follow the procedures correctly, you are sure to get highly desirable results for your pet.

After purchasing Leba III, you should store it at room temperature and away from being hit by direct sunlight. When you plan to administer this to your pet, make sure your pet has no water, food, or anything consumed for at least half an hour before and after applying such treatment. Otherwise, if you do, the treatment will be wasted as it will dilute the effect of the solution.

When applying Leba III to your pet’s teeth, you can choose to use a toothbrush and water. Then you can apply it to the mouth, the sides of the mouth, or the tongue area. But never down to the pet’s throat. The solution is then mixed with the dog’s saliva and that helps remove tartar.

If you have difficulty using your toothbrush, you can choose to use an eyedropper as an alternative. Then drop the solution one at a time inside the lips and to the side. The solution not only helps keep your dog’s teeth clean, it also helps keep his gums healthy.

In terms of providing the correct dosage for your pet, you also need to be very careful. The correct amount of solution to give your pet per application depends on the size of your dog. For dogs weighing less than 50 pounds, you will only need 1 spray per treatment. Meanwhile, for dogs over 50 pounds, they will need 2 sprays per treatment.

For your initial dental cleaning procedure, you should apply the treatment twice a day: once in the morning and then overnight. You’ll see results in 4-6 weeks, and they typically vary based on the breed, age, and natural genetic makeup of the dog. However, although you still do not see improvements, you should continue to provide the application twice a day. Basically, you need to evaluate your own pet’s chemistry to determine the frequency of application.

When using a dropper to apply the treatment to your pet’s mouth, be sure to save it after use. More importantly, never put it back in the Leba III bottle, as it will end up contaminating the rest of the contents of the bottle. This, along with rigorous use of Leba Dog Teeth Cleaner, will ensure better oral health for your pet.

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