Maui Fire Lawyers Use Inverse Condemnation in Wildfire Cases

Maui Fire Lawyers

Maui fire lawyers are working with clients who were injured, evacuated or had property destroyed in the massive wildfires that swept through Lahaina and West Maui. They have launched dual class action lawsuits against Hawaiian Electric Company and its subsidiaries.

According to the suits, HEI knew the area was more susceptible to hurricane winds and flammable vegetation than other parts of the state. It also reportedly received multiple reports from government agencies that outlined the risks. However, the lawsuits say HEI prioritized cost-cutting over public safety, allowing its lines to be vulnerable to downing during severe weather conditions.

The blazes caused more than 100 deaths and the destruction of 2,000 structures, including homes and businesses. Hundreds of people remain unaccounted for and thousands more have been displaced.

Maui Fire Lawyers Use Inverse Condemnation in Wildfire Cases

Plaintiff attorneys are utilizing a legal tactic that allowed victims to sue PG&E in California, where the utility was found responsible for many of the deadliest wildfires in state history. Known as inverse condemnation, this technique allows victims to claim damages without having to prove the utility’s negligence.

In Hawaii, the attorneys are arguing that the state’s power company operates like a governmental body since it provides electricity to most of the island. This argument could allow residents to reclaim losses without having to establish the utility’s negligence, a difficult task given the circumstances of the fires.

Maui fire lawsuit

The lawsuits filed Thursday were brought by Maui homeowners and business owners, as well as the family of a 79-year-old man who died in the fires. They claim HECO ignored forecasts from the National Weather Service that called for high winds and a fire warning. The families’ attorneys, who have a background in class action litigation against PG&E, argue the utility should have cut down its risky equipment before the storm hit the island.

HECO’s stock has plummeted amid the litigation, and there is speculation that the growing number of lawsuits will drive the company into bankruptcy. The lawsuits have already cost the company billions in lost revenue.

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