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Private jet detailing and aircraft cleaning contractors have good news for 2017

The general aviation sector has been stagnant for quite some time. Some blame this on increased FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) regulations, many of which occurred after 9/11 to protect airports from potential terrorists. Unfortunately, these increased safety requirements and increased regulations have stifled the general aviation (GA) sector. The economic crashes of 2000 and 2008 didn’t help, although in 2003 the economy was soaring high thanks to Bush tax cuts and stimulus, then it hit a wall again and didn’t really do well until the run-up to the 2008 crash.

The GA sector has only recovered slightly since then, but it hasn’t returned to its 2003 highs. When Obama was elected, he lashed out at corporate jets and corporate fat cats, which hurt jet sales and new plane sales. Remember when Congress went after automakers for flying their corporate jets to Washington DC to beg for bailouts? Public sentiment against GA was at an all time low.

All of this hurt aircraft cleaners and aircraft detailers – it made it hard to make money, but things seem to be changing and the number of GA aircraft is increasing. This new Trump Administration is pro-aviation unlike the Obama Administration. Cutting corporate taxes will also help aircraft and GA sales. It looks like clear skies are on the way for those in the general aviation service business.

There was a great article in AIN – Aircraft International News – December Issue titled; “UBS Bizjet Index Sees Post-election Surge”, by Chad Trautvetter published on December 12, 2016, which noted the following facts; The new Trump Administration in the US is seen as positive, with 61% of respondents expecting the outcome of the US presidential election to ultimately be positive for the commercial aircraft market, while 11% see no positive impact and 28% are unsure.

In fact, the article went on to point out that there was a 44% to 49% increase in private jet orders over the past year. Many of those planes will be delivered in 2018, and the backlog will boost used plane sales and current new inventory. More aircraft certainly means more aircraft to clean, and more new aircraft means more corporate clients as well. Meanwhile, along with the split jet market, we’re seeing air taxi services on the rise, as well as Uber-style plane-sharing plans that smaller companies can buy. All of this means that the GA sector is ready to take off again and that’s good for business.

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