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Real estate agent job description

Real estate agents serve as the liaison between homeowners and buyers to carry out the sale, purchase or rental of properties. They work for brokers and play an important role in helping people buy or sell residential, commercial, or industrial property. They maintain and maintain an up-to-date property listing account and other relevant housing information to keep abreast of available properties on the real estate market. They subscribe to various listing services to advertise and market properties for sale. They also contact properties and market properties for sale. They also contact owners for information about a property.

As part of their responsibilities, real estate agents present purchase and sale offers to clients for their consideration. They advise them on property rates, legal requirements and general market trends. They also interview clients to determine their preference or property specification. They usually prepare a list of properties that best suit the needs and requirements of the clients. They visit and inspect properties to establish the precise value of the property. They also offer recommendations to clients on the properties that best suit their budget and preference.

Most real estate agents oversee the preparation of closing statements, purchase agreements, agency contracts, and other documents necessary for the real estate business. They conduct negotiations between sellers and buyers of properties to establish the price and other terms of sale. They also liaise with pest control operators, home inspectors, etc. to ensure that the terms and conditions set forth in a purchase agreement are established prior to the close of sales.

In the course of their role, real estate agents oversee the closing of property sales, ensure that payment is complete, and that appropriate documents are signed. They maintain contact with clients to offer them real estate services/products and assist them in resolving problems. They also provide consulting services to clients to recommend strategies for quick property sales. They often run junior sales agent/trainee training programs to improve their sales skills. This job position requires at least a high school diploma, state license to practice, and sales aptitude. Qualities needed for the job include persuasiveness, interpersonal skills, and problem-solving skills.

Sample Real Estate Agent Job Description

Below is a sample of the job description most employers typically give real estate agents:

  • Act as a liaison for real estate transactions between buyers and sellers of properties.
  • Present sales offers to clients, as well as bid on available properties
  • Conduct investigations to determine customer credit status and ability to complete payment
  • Inspect properties to appraise their value and estimate the value in the real estate market
  • Interact with clients to identify their requirements and offer recommendations on the properties that best suit their budgets.
  • Help home sellers promote their buildings on property listing services to attract customers to purchase.
  • Prepare and deliver sales pitches to clients to secure the real estate contract.
  • Provide clients with a list of properties available for sale to help them choose
  • Conduct price negotiations between property buyers and sellers to ensure fair treatment for both parties.
  • Provide clients with a tour of residential, industrial or commercial properties to show and explain the features of the property.
  • Conduct investigations to confirm that clients have clear title deeds
  • Provide an adequate response to customer inquiries about property appraisals, financing, maintenance, etc.
  • Examine property facilities to recommend maintenance measures needed to improve face value
  • Help clients evaluate mortgage options for the best rate and terms
  • Attend conventions, conferences, and seminars to enhance existing job knowledge and expand your personal network.

If you are a recruiter who needs to hire the best real estate agent, you can use the sample job description above to make one for your company, to use for recruiting and tasking selected candidates.

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