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Tips to follow to use a virtual private network

A VPN or Virtual Private Network extends a particular private network across the public network and this includes the Internet. It also allows users to send and receive data over public networks and shared networks. This is done as if they were computing devices and these devices were connected to the private network. A VPN is basically created by establishing a peer-to-peer connection by using various dedicated connections, traffic encryption, and tunneling protocols. Basically, this is very similar to the WAN, which can also be called a wide area network. You should follow these tips below to be a safe VPN user.

• Your firewall must be working

This may sound a bit difficult and trivial. However, a firewall must be up and running all the time and it doesn’t matter if you are using a VPN or not, the firewall must be running 24 hours a day.

• Must remain incognito

Many people these days always forget that their browser can reveal a lot of personal information. This mainly happens when the user is not using an incognito or secure mode while using the website. There are also some websites that inform the user to go undercover when it is not safe and you as a user should pay attention to it.

• Disable all geolocation services

Many of us use smartphones and tablets for daily use like Facebook and YouTube. All those who essentially want to use all these devices should be aware of all geolocation services and

• Manage all your cookies

These days, no one in their busy lives pays attention to cookies. However, these cookies are almost everywhere and these cookies are often trying to improve recurring web browsing. These cookies can very well be morphed and modified into various tracking scripts and these can monitor your activity as well as network information.

• The VPN over a TOR

TOR is probably a big deal when this particular technology came out and also many of us have used this TOR browser to use Facebook at work. You can also trust TOR yourself. It is a very good and also open source solution that is available for all platforms. It is one of the important things to remember.

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