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Tragedy script writing

As a genre, tragedy script writing needs special handling because the writer has to get emotionally involved in order to get the best results. A tragic script has been defined as an art form, which brings pleasure to the public through the representation of the suffering of the characters. It may sound quite paradoxical, but the beauty of a tragic story lies in the struggle and downfall of one or more of the main characters. Extreme pain resulting from a series of calamities, moral weakness, or an inability to cope with unavoidable circumstances has a magical effect on the audience.

Tragedy scriptwriting has long been viewed with a degree of deference due to the skill required to do a good job. The tragic element has to be so realistic that viewers of the movie, television series or play should begin to identify with the one who is enduring the pain. In this way, the script is likely to gain greater recognition from the writer, director, and viewers. When people interact with artists, their senses are absorbed to the point that they can begin to quietly sob for them. This is exactly what writing a good tragedy script is all about: taking over the minds and hearts of the audience.

If it’s not simple, writing a tragedy script isn’t a Herculean task either. A few clues and you will be an expert in tragic literary effusions.

* Equip yourself by reading a bunch of heartbreaking scripts and start getting used to writing about disastrous situations. The more you read, the more comfortable you will feel with tragedies. Use your time well to build a credible plot and every action should have logical repercussions.

* Do careful planning on all aspects of the tragic story. Any event that does not fit the climactic catastrophe will not be enough.

* Take your time to write. The periods in between help you think of new ways to portray the looming misfortune. Go through it several times until you have polished the script to your satisfaction. Your hard work is sure to pay off handsomely.

Get others to value your work. Tragedy script writing has a smooth flow so the opinion of others can go a long way. Have your final script read by honest people and not those who are likely only giving you positive feedback. Instead, encourage constructive criticism from those with proven experience in the field of screenwriting.

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