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Using flowers to give your room the wow factor

Have you ever stopped to wonder what gives a room that Wow factor and makes it truly yours? Beautifully decorated walls and elegant furniture make a room clean, elegant and tidy, but still not attractive or personal. Add the right wall art, soften it with curtains and rugs, but for that finishing touch and maybe the little splash of color that makes all the others stand out, you should add flowers, a plant and in the dullest corner, a tree. . Step back and admire the room. Before, it was just beautiful, add the right flowers and plants and the result is stunning.

Real plants need light and water. If you have a really dull corner, a silk tree or plant is ideal, and since it never needs watering, you can easily add a spotlight to the pot so that at night your plant will cast atmospheric shadows on your ceiling and walls.

If you don’t like the maintenance and cost of fresh flowers, keep the plants or buy one of the many beautiful silk arrangements available today. These will brighten up your home every day without requiring any maintenance, and best of all for interior designers, they can be placed in dark, inaccessible places to provide a pop of colour.

Artificial arrangements are a perfect way to set the mood for a room or occasion, orchids are sophisticated, Gerber daisies are playful, hydrangeas are cosy, and roses are romantic.

If your event calls for fresh flowers, plan an unusual arrangement, add vegetables, create a topiary, or simply float flower heads with candles in a shallow dish filled with water.

No matter what your budget, you can add the beauty of fresh or silk flowers to your home.

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