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Popular foods in Australia

Australia is very famous for its meat pies, pea puree and vegemite, but more than that is its vastness in food culture. Australians are fascinated by the fusion of European and Asian dishes specifically flavored originally by Italian, Thai, Middle Eastern, Japanese and British locals. However, popular foods in Australia go beyond the list.

Some Australians like French cuisine that has a little Japanese twist. Its eating habit largely depends on its roots. Some who are of European descent dine primarily European-style, while those with Asian blood eat recipes with an Asian flavor. Popular foods in Australia for breakfast are fruits, cereals, toast. At lunch they serve a cake or any type of sandwich and the famous Australian meat pie.

Popular foods in Australia are barbecue, which Australians refer to as Barbie, usually on a half bun with a bit of sauce. Vegemite made up of wheat and grains combined together to produce a dark brown dish that tastes salty. Kids love putting vegemite on bread for school lunch. Others are filled with spaghetti bolognese placed as the meat of the bread.

The fact that most Australian households do not have maids, people are used to stocking canned and ready-to-go items such as popular Australian foods such as sausages, jumbo hamburger steaks, fish fingers, chips, pizza and high-fat roasts. . This scenario is making Australia one of the most obese countries in the world, but of course there is a healthier option to buy organic food in supermarkets.

The biggest influence on popular foods in Australia is Asian cuisine, followed by Italian and Greek dishes like Mediterranean-style pasta and seafood. The older generation of diners have stuck to British menus, for example lamb in mint sauce or pork in apple sauce served with three types of vegetables such as potatoes, carrots and peas. No Australian is satisfied without potatoes.

Popular foods in Australia are usually stir-fried. The sauces range from tomato mixed with cinnamon or a sweet ingredient to spicy. Seafood is also followed by Australians, while cheeses are less salty. Some are also fans of the mussels that supermarkets offer. A famous one is the New Zealand mussel, famous for being among the best in the world. Both tourists and locals agree on this.

More of the popular foods in Australia are macadamia nuts, bush tucker dishes, and kangaroo meats. Drinks that are highly prized are Victoria Bitter beer, The XXXX beer, and wine, which come in a cardboard box (called a keg), so you don’t need a cork opener to get a drink. Australian dishes are varied according to their culture and continue to be fusions of everything, from each of the world’s continents.

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